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After a seance goes wrong and he is swallowed alive by a toilet in the boys room, Chester Woddeley wakes up on a slab in the morgue, moments away from a living vivisection! His whole life has changed: not only are his parents scared of him, his doctors wary, and his friends distant, the whole school believes hes some kind of undead revenant.And thats hardly the worst part. An ancient family secret unburies itself from the past; he keeps seeing living shadows crawling around the assistant principal, and one by one kids from his school are falling into the same death-like slumber he himself narrowly avoided. His only allies? His slowly-disintegrating friend group, his new weird boyfriend, an elderly government exorcist, and a crimson-cowled spirit that calls itself the Scarlet Czar. Can Chester solve the mystery surrounding his school and his family before the Hungry Darkness swallows the Cosmos alive?PRAISE FOR FULL-TILT EXORCIST AND BELWOETH HARBRIGHT" of the most exciting, creative writers Ive read in ages. He takes the familiar and makes it extraordinary.” --Teresa Miller, author of MEANS OF TRANSIT“Full-Tilt Exorcist is like a mashup of Harry Potter and The Outsiders. The ultimate coming of age story that redefines what it means to grow up, fall in love, and of course, raise the dead." -- Colleen McCarty, author of MOUNTING THE WHALE“...a must-read! Harbright combines horror with humor in this unearthly story. Youll laugh, youll hide under the covers, you wont put it down. ” --Carlee Boccacci, author of the TORN BETWEEN WORLDS TRILOGY

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