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I knew that Malory was my Rosa Amor for quite some time. Her essence called to mine many many years ago. I also recognized that she was a Chiranjivi and I wasn’t ready to deal with the consequences of that. My race and hers simply don’t mix that way. They are meant to be our servants and I am meant to be their superior. It would have been far beneath me to accept her as my concubine. I am a Yaksha. I am not of this world. I am magical and amazing. My race has been around longer than the earth itself. My appearance like that of the N?ga would confuse people into thinking I was a vampire. Despite the similarities between my race and the mythological vampires they would be wrong.Without her emotions clouding my mind and heart, it was easy to stay the hell away. I kept myself logical and did not allow emotions to interfere with my decision. That all changed the night she burned. I had been living in the Daintree rainforest with a male Yaksha named Arcanely. We were doing our best to start a family while I kept the maximum physical distance between myself and Malory. I was always very careful not to get too close to her and alert her essence that she had a Rosa Amor out there. I figured as long as she was distracted by the male company she was keeping, then she wouldn’t come looking for me.That ended the day Okiara brought her near dead body to me. The moment I realized the lump of burned flesh lying in the plane was Malory’s I felt something inside of me crack. She was dying and I would never know her because I was a coward. I was too afraid to do what needed to be done to secure my happily ever after.I felt a tear slip unbidden from my eye and land on her charcoaled cheek. That’s when her essence suddenly joined mine. I was shocked to my core to feel her blending with me. The dance had begun. It was a miracle that her essence was still somehow conscious inside of her.I was amazed that she had managed to somehow stay alive after more than three weeks as nothing more than a lump burned flesh and bones. To say that she was burned on eighty percent of her body was an understatement. She suffered third-degree burns on one hundred percent of her body. The fire had removed all the flesh and muscle right down to the bone on her lower half and most of her flesh and muscle on her upper half. Before I could change my mind I did the most unimaginable selfish thing that I could have ever done. I sliced open my wrist and allowed my blood to seep into my Rosa Amor’s mouth.I knew my blood would force her body to stay alive. I knew it was going to be a daily battle for many more months possibly years to come to keep her alive. It was a battle I was willing to fight.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001049089788
    • ISBN:  9781370480654

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