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President Slave Girl is the four books that comprise the Eileen MacCammon story gathered into one volume, bringing the complete story together for the first time.Eileen MacCammon brought a reign of terror into being during her term as as President of the United States. On a wave of public hysteria fueled by a failing economy that left millions unemployed and unemployable, she was elected and enacted a series of sweeping Morality Laws that criminalized most commercial forms of sex and many of the noncommercial forms as well. When the MacCammon administration imprisoned prostitutes, porn producers and erotica publishers and writers, some people objected but most were indifferent. But then MacCammon interpreted the laws to include the customers of prostitutes, the viewers of porn and the readers of erotica. She jailed millions of Americans in her efforts to make America morally pure.In the next election MacCammon and her allies were swept out of power in the largest wave election in American political history. As a pundit said, “Most Americans voted to keep themselves and their loved ones out of jail.” Shortly thereafter, MacCammon was put on trial for various clear violations of the law by her administration. Found guilty, she was subject to a new legal penalty that, ironically, her administration had brought into being to deal with prison overcrowding created by her Morality Laws: instead of going to jail, she was stripped of all her civil rights except the right life.MacCammon thought she was getting off light. But her friends informed her that she now had a giant bulls-eye on her back, because it was now legal to kidnap, rape, torture (as long as no permanent injuries were involved) and enslave her. And all her enemies knew it.Her friends do all they can to conceal her location and protect her, but in short order she is kidnapped by a coalition of people victimized by her Morality Laws. She is soon stripped, collared, shackeled cuffed and made into a sex slave by them, forced to perform the very sexual acts whose mere viewing merited jail time under her Morality Laws.But perhaps worst of all, her enemies use nanotechnology to place a homouth on her, transforming her mouth into a vagina. Its a technology widely used by sex workers, but they have the ability to control it, reverting to a normal mouth at will. MacCammon can only revert to a normal mouth by performing acts that she would have described as disgusting and vulgar before she had the homouth on her and found her power of speech reduced to making disgusting slucking sounds.Sold and kidnapped by oligarchs, whorehouse owners, and the loved ones of those her Morality Laws victimized, MacCammon finds herself on a long odyssey as she is kept in strict sexual bondage, a helpless slave girl in the nation she once ruled over, a nation now wracked by economic turmoil caused by rampant wealth inequality and the constant loss of jobs to automation. Its a journey that lets her see the world – and herself – with new eyes.President Slave Girl is set in the Morality Laws/Basic Income universe. Its over 100,000 words long. Check out Book 1 of the series, President Slave Girl: The Homouth to see how it all l begins. If you like Book 1, youll like President Slave Girl.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001047754343
    • ISBN:  9781311965066
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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