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A shopping Center where people go unnoticed, is the place chosen by our Master. Hidden among the crowd he sees a young girl of about 18 years and will do anything to be able to hook up and then take her with him away from her teen girlfriends. Since the earliest times the teenage’s behaviors correspond to the Master ideal of young submissive and after to his Bdsm practices to get extreme pleasure. The beautiful young girl really looks for hard sex but not only..“She looked at me, then at the rice. I dug into my Mongolian Beef. "I said eat!” She was a bit shocked at that, and then with a soft whimper she leaned over and took a small bite of the rice "Good girl". This meek “little lady” was definitely getting my c… to leak. After she had eaten about half of the rice I asked, "Care for some water?” Of course she nodded. So I opened the bottle and dribbled a bit on the table "lick it up, now". This time she didnt hesitate.”°“After pulling out of the stall I asked "so how many boys have been in that loose … of yours?”Jennifer looked at me with a little bit of shock "ahhhh none sir".That lying little …. "well considering how loose your …. was when I fingered it, you have ether been ….. a lot or have you been ….. by one of your girlfriends, or perhaps you have been getting it from the family ….?"Jennifer looked down at the floor "maybe I should just go home?""… no …., you have been teasing me for the last two hours, we are going to my place and since your … is so ….. We are going to be using your other … for my fun. Or is that … just as …, …?"Tears were running down her face by now "please I wont tell anyone about what has happened, please just let me go". But she never made a move to open the door, even when we stopped at the stoplights. All she did was sit there, her hands between her legs. I could tell she was … her … like a woman possessed."Did I give you permission to play with that … …?""No sir, but Im so horny, please let me …""Not till I am …. your …. with my …., you horny little …."Jennifer was starting to moan quite loudly, which of course was causing my …. to throb like crazy. "…., stop that"°°"Ok …, time for you too see my … finally, of course you won’t be able to touch it yet"I took about 5 minutes to slowly undress for my …... How I held out and just didnt drop my pants to … her is beyond me. Once I started undressing, Jennifer’s … grew even redder with desire, and her eyes never stopped looking at the new part of my body that had become exposed. Once I was down to just my underwear, my … had left such a … spot she had to have seen it "ready for the … show, ….?" as I slowly dropped my underwear. Now I am nowhere near large in the … department. In fact it is quite average just over 5" long and perhaps a bit thicker then normal. But the look in her eyes, and the lustful moan. You would have thought it was gods gift to women.Now if you had been a good girl, you would be …. on this now" as I slowly stroked my …. "But since you were bad, I have to punish you now" as I grabbed the electrical wire. I looped it several times, until it was close to being a whip. Swoosh, Smack, down came the wire on her engorged ….. Jennifer screamed into the underwear. "One, only four more to go …, then hopefully you will understand who controls these … …". Smack came the second swat. Tears of pain were running freely down Jennifer’s face. Smack, Smack, Smack the last three in quick succession. Jennifer never had a chance to catch her breath between them. All she could do was endure the pain.”ONLY FOR ADULTS 18 AGE

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001049120290
    • ISBN:  9781370793808
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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