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Driven to earn a college degree but without funds, Monica Porterfield becomes a Sugar Baby. The memory of losing her virginity enables her to an internet search for a Sugar Daddy. As shewaitsg for a response about hersubmission to the Earnest Sugar Daddy website, she’s kidnapped and molested but unharmed. Following that ordeal, her profile is accepted by the website and she’s sent information about a large number of potential Sugar Daddies. After inspecting the information,she selects an older real estate millionaire as her first. Before meeting her Sugar Daddy, she is awestruck by a young lawyer and they enjoy an intimate relationship. Her lover doesn’t have the means to support her through college, so she consummates her Sugar Baby relationship. She’s conflicted between needing funds for college, her high libido, and not telling her new lover about her Sugar Baby status. These conflicts lead her to unforeseen consequences.

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