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Adele Noel, daughter of self-made billionaire Reginald Noel, is studying art at a University in Paris. As a confirmed bisexual, she’s enjoyed plenty of sexual encounters with both sexes, during her University years. Now in her final year, she attends a film class where she views the infamous film ‘Last Tango in Paris’. Inspired by this sexually graphic movie, she gives up her own art, and becomes obsessed with launching her own film studio in New York once she graduates. ‘Last Tango’ is kind of movie she wants to produce. She even convinces her father to help bankroll the business. In the meantime, she takes on numerous lovers. There’s the beautiful nude model from her art class, her father’s young wife when he’s out of town on business as well as several lesbians, including two female professors at the University. Her heterosexual side enjoys romps with male students, the professor advising her on her graduate thesis, a 42 year old unemployed actor, and the male sub belonging to the art class model. Adele’s sizzling hot encounters include numerous graphic scenes.

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