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The Chamberlain family has a secret. Long ago, one of their number mated with an ancient forest god, giving their line great power.But times are changing. In desperation, the Chamberlains concoct a dangerous plan. Follow this epic story as they learn what it is to truly love, and as they fight against an ancient terror.These are...The Coven Chronicles.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~“Tell me what you love about me, John. And I will know if you lie.”John laid on his side by Agatha, his head only a foot away, facing her across a pillow. He took a breath to make a quick, glib answer, held it, and exhaled, thinking better.Gently, he thought.“Your eyes,” he said.“My eyes?”John nodded. “They are a deep, deep blue. Like an ocean at twilight. But when you are happy, or excited about something, or are talking about a topic you are passionate about, they light up. It makes your entire face come alive.” He cupped her cheek, stroking her eyebrow with his thumb. He kissed her lips softly.“Your face is beautiful, too. When you smile, everyone wants to be near someone who is so happy. It's like you have some sort of magnetic force that draws people to you. And Goddess, Aggie, you are so damn smart. I'm not a dummy. No one in the family is. But the crap you know about physics and engineering and computers and advanced math makes me feel I am using an etch-a-sketch compared to you.”He knelt on the coverlet, looking down at her from above.With soft pressure on her shoulder, he turned her until she lay face-down on the bed. He moved down the bed until he could lift her feet and gently caress the soles. Her toes twitched as he massaged the sensitive instep.“Your feet are beautiful. No corns or warts. No sign of swamp-foot,” he said with a smile, and heard her laugh softly.He moved his hands up, gently stroking from her calves to the backs of her thighs, “Strong legs. No cottage-cheese thighs here. And by the Goddess, Agatha, you are tan all over. How does an Iowa girl stay fit and tan through these cold Midwest winters?”“Two hours a week on the exercise bike, a step class on Sunday at Hilda's gym, and a tanning bed at the same place. She won't let me skip a day,” said Agatha, stretching languorously beneath the gentle pressure of his hands. “Where the hell did you learn massage?”

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