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Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences 18+. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF. In book one of the Drekinn: The past and the future collide in the Drekinn Series. Kade and Calli find that they are not only destined for each other, they also have another purpose. To rebuild what was once lost. As a descendant of the Chosen, they are born to be the Alphas of the new coming age. The human laws will have to change to fit them, read this brand-new series along with the old, and see how they are fighting for the same purpose in different times. So much has changed in the year 2554, Calli and her friends have struggled to make it to where they are in the Drekinn Agency. Now, someone wants them dead and Calli's mate shows up. Granted, he is hot, but she wasn’t ready yet—she was only one hundred and thirty—she still had a lot of good years left. But together they have to battle the people who want the three friends dead. Calli is the Commander of the Enforcers and refuses to let anyone try to hurt her friends, including her new one—Kiki, the Drag Queen. Kade has gone from being a Lone Wolf to belonging to a crazy family, add on the friends, and he isn’t sure what the hell is going on. All he knows is that Calli is his mate, and he will fight to defend her from anyone who tries to take her from him before he can claim her.

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