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This is a love story with a twist, one that transcends stereotypes in many of its forms.Meet Grace, chic, immensely attractive, talented and successful, who seemingly has the world as her oyster, except for that one special person to share it with.Taking a chance and stepping out of her conservative sphere, she attends a well organised Speed Dating event – for Lesbians - and meets the person who will change her life forever ... Rose, a woman of ethereal beauty, intelligence, humour and generosity of spirit.Share the electricity that sparks from their first encounter, to their first date, to the exquisite passion and expression of their first love making and the mutual knowing that for each of them “this is the One”!Follow their fairytale romance as they get to know each other, travel to exotic lands, and make their plans for a future together in a whirlwind of joy, ecstasy and the magic of love.Live their dream, be aroused by their passion, and sense the dark clouds forming on the horizon as the harbingers of sorrow wing their way to what will become a paradise lost.The Pink Rose is a tribute to women, to same sex marriages and relationships, to family, and to life and its hazards that seemingly come from nowhere. It is a story of bravery and strength, of seizing the moment, but most of all true love.

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