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"You WHACK WHACK WHACK think a mans WHACK WHACK WHACK …. is better than my WHACK WHACK sweet ..?" Before the evening was over, Anne had stripped Kim completely, and had covered her with welts, switching from the cane to a straightened coat hanger when shed gotten bored, and then made Kim … out Annes fireplace, until her face had been covered in charcoal, and then had had her "Minstrel face" … off the drunken frat boys next door...Anne had not taken the breakup lightly!Now Kim came in, and caught up with Alex, who demanded she pay the $50.00 gate fee for both of them. Kim reluctantly handed over her Mastercard, and then looked up for another unpleasant reunion...No, not them too! "Whats wrong now?" Alex asked, with laughter in his eyes. "Goddam you complain a lot!"……………………………WHACK! SLAP SMACK! Kim couldnt afford to rent motel rooms for them any more, and once shed asked Alex why he didnt get a job to get his own place, and hed said, laughing “You are my job…its work being around you, babe.” This had just reduced Kim to helpless tears. She almost wished hed just caned her for impertinence instead of saying something like that.As the paddle rained down mercilessly on Kims defensive …, Kim shifted and the hem of her tennis dress moved around her back. What was Alexs deal? Was he mad because shed beaten him in one of the sets? Theyd gotten in an argument when theyd left the tennis court, and hed called her a crybaby…and thats when the trouble had started. Kim was now really worried that Arnie and Tacy and whoever they might have been hiking with might just all walk in.Tacy had been very nice and understanding about Kims weird kinky private life, from what shed learned a few weeks ago, when Kim had been tied up in the garage, but Kim had no idea what Tacy might have told the others…and Kim was really hoping that Tacy thought it was just an occasional weirdness of Kims…but if she walked in today…it might go rather badly for Kims reputation. Tacy had also seemed kind of irritable of late, perhaps because she didnt have a boyfriend, and Arnie was not recognizing, or was avoiding Tacys come-ons. Maybe, Kim hoped, Tacy and Arnie had hooked up on the trip, and were a couple now. That would take care of Arnies crush on Kim, quite uncomfortable, and Tacys irritability.Kim kept trying not to cry as the paddle whacked and thwacked, again and again. Alex didnt hit quite as hard as North or Fenton ever had, but he had a disturbing consistency. It was astonishing how someone so lazy could have such energy! Kim had begged Alex to use the bedroom for her discipline, but hed insisted on the living room…and of course theyd made that stupid bet. She couldnt cry. Shed been a sub for fifteen years, on and off, and she could take this whipping without crying, Kim could. WHACK! Kim bit her lip, worrying it might bleed.Alex was thoroughly enjoying smacking the full …., making Kims delectable butt jump like jiggled Jell-O. Rapidly he alternated between …., giving the Ping-Pong paddle harsher and harsher strokes on her sensitive … as she moaned, and Alex could enjoy the way her panties stretched at mid-thigh.Alex noted an old blister from a former caning on the left … and hit it hard SLAM! It began to …, the pustules opening up, and Kim began weeping softly. Bingo. Alexs paddle stopped. “Oh” Alexs casual laugh came. Here my crybaby is…I told you. You shouldnt make bets with me, honey. I always win.” Kim shivered. Now hed won the bet. And she was ….! Oh God, was she ….!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001049120337
    • ISBN:  9781370852703
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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