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Colby Young and Diego Champagne continue to steal moments together when passion becomes so intense it cannot be denied. Danger is ever present as an old enemy of Diego's resurfaces and is out for vengeance. And in an attempt to convince everyone around him of his heterosexuality, Diego sleeps with Tammy, who longs to become his "old lady." His heart, however, belongs to Colby, who must swallow his own pain at the necessary deception. Meanwhile, Diego's mother falls ill, which draws her and Colby closer as they both fret for Diego's life. And when it comes to his own family issues, Colby finally learns what happened to his little sister, which completely shatters his world. Now, Diego walks a fine line, maintaining his leadership role and dealing with his emotions, which he sometimes finds difficult to hold in check. And when a sudden change in Colby's life threatens to pull him away from Diego forever, will the secret lovers find even a moment of true happiness? CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-edited re-release title.

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