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    ‘The whip sang and pain seared her. She jolted against her bonds but was too shocked to scream. The second blow released this pent-up noise and she howled in aguish. He repeated this several times and each time she was brought closer and closer to ecstasy…’ Kelly Adele is a beautiful, sexually experienced woman; her friend Judith Blake is a young, unworldly university graduate seeking her first job. Both are thrilled and delighted when they are taken on as assistants in an antique bookshop. However the shop’s owner Adam Renald likes to go to bed with more than just a good book. He introduces Judith to aspects of sex she never dreamed existed, and then to Damian who becomes her master. Kelly embraces each transgression with enthusiasm until she meets her sexual match in the audacious con man Jake Bryce. But their lives are transformed when they travel to Damian’s French chateau and are introduced to the dark delights of his dungeon…

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