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My book, Young Lover, is about a woman named Kayla, who find herself falling for a younger man named G that is almost twice her age. One morning, she needed work done on her car, and the car shop that Kayla took her car to was where G worked. They started a conversation about their previous relationships, and they thought they had a lot in common. Even though Kayla didn’t agree with what G was saying, she continued to pretend. After hearing each other’s experiences, they decided that they would date. In the beginning, everything was going fine like the average relationships, but later Kayla starts seeing the worst side of G. She start feeling that he is not in it for the true reasons that he made her believe. She witnessed the cheating, the deceit, the untruth, the anger, the abuse, and the lies. She even heard the rumors, but that didn’t change the way she felt about G. Kayla found it hard to let G go, even though he started mistreating and misusing her, but at the end, the table might have turned around. G thought he had a dummy for an older woman, but at the end, the tables might have turned around. Or did it?

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