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From USA TODAY Bestselling Author of THIEF OF HEARTS comes the next book in the Slayer Tales Saga, FORSAKEN BEAUTY, a full length, stand-alone novel of fantasy, adventure and romance. A good witch, a dragon sorceress and a princess in danger of losing her soul. All three are destined to play a part in the ultimate battle between good and evil.  The good witch, Muriel, has been charged with protecting the infant princess of Lorentian after the child nearly fell into the clutches of the dragon sorceress during her royal christening. Muriel must take the babe into hiding until the girl reaches the age of sixteen. But the king and queen insist Muriel be accompanied by Allan A’Dale, a much too handsome and much too tempting warrior. He is to be her husband on this sojourn, but in name only, for Muriel must remain chaste in order to retain her power.  The pair must keep the child hidden for sixteen years. Sixteen years of constant temptation. Sixteen years of pretending to be husband and wife while never being allowed to consummate the union. It’s torture in its purest form. But it’s also a necessity, for if Muriel fails to remain pure, her magic will no longer be strong enough to hide the princess from the evil dragon-queen and all of the assassins charged with finding them. If she fails to keep her feelings at bay, Lorentia will be lost and the continent will be faced with another dragon war. Muriel cannot fail. Yet a surprise visit from the queen, the child’s mother, sets in motion events that make even the purest of hearts waver.

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