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It began on the banks of the Ohio River in 1844 when Clayton Donegal and the renowned painter George Albert Spencer set out to explore the new American frontier. It ended a year later at the gates of Hell. What they encountered in-between became the stuff of legend. One of the most amazing Fantasy-Western stories you’ll ever read; a tale of noble friends and savage enemies; of love lost, life, death and the totality of karmic destiny. A metaphysical journey into the wilderness of the American soul.The Cheyenne Dog Soldier Tree Owl and legendary Mountain Woman Annie Kestrel were among Donegal and Spencer’s many, odd traveling companions. Jewish immigrants, African slaves, Indian fights, buffalo stampedes and the honest and unexpected sexuality of the era. A tale of enduring love, allegory and religious revelation. Transmuting the philosophy of George Berkeley and the Greek Classics. Journey into the Akashic Records and the invisible space between dimensions.Inspired hallucination rooted in the reality from which it was drawn. The experiences of Clayton Donegal as taken from his 19th Century journals. An adventure like no other. Ghost Dance. Note: though we do not endorse the use of mind altering substances, it has been suggested to us that this novel is best understood while listening to the music of the Grateful Dead.No trees or animals were harmed in the making of this book. Search "Ghost Dance" on Facebook & YouTube.Rated R for language, sexuality and violence

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