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He’ll go as far as it takes to avenge his father’s death.Still struggling to make sense of the loss of their mentor and friend, Louis Kelly and Hannah Travis team up again to hunt down the warlock who killed Kelly’s father. But if Kelly wants to find Gabelle, he’ll have to give up protecting the law and learn to break a few rules, and the closer Kelly gets to finding Gabelle, the more he learns about his father’s past. After digging up a secret of his father’s he’ll never forget, Kelly now has just one shot to kill Gabelle, but if Kelly doesn’t learn to accept the truth of his past, Gabelle will continue killing men in Wayne County.Not a day after Kelly and Travis arrive back in Wayne, a man named Luke Colman goes missing—and Gabelle’s signature is all over this. Instantly, it becomes a game of cat and mouse. Kelly comes face to face with Gabelle—both lying to the other—both trying to get what they want before they’re caught—but will the truth about Kelly’s father stop him from getting his revenge? And can he and Travis kill Gabelle before the warlock turns the tables on them? Buy HUNTING THE WARLOCK and find out today.

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