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Fi continues searching for Erryn, but her group runs into trouble. Erryn finally reaches Loring. Is there a temple? Does she find out why she’s a Beast Master? Does she survive? In Daros Chronicles 1: When Erryn reveals that she’s a Beast Master to save Princess Filmona’s life, she’s banished from the people she loves and the only home she knows. In Daros Chronicles 2: Erryn’s sheltered upbringing makes her a target for unscrupulous men, while Princess Filmona has to decide between duty and her heart. In Daros Chronicles 3: Erryn agrees to travel with wild folk, and Avere shadows a mysterious woman. Meanwhile, the king’s meeting with visiting Westerfox primates ends in tragedy. In Daros Chronicles 4: While the king’s body is still warm, the Primacy seizes power. Erryn continues her uneasy alliance with the wild folk, and Avere finds out more about the mysterious woman in the rose cloak. In Daros Chronicles 5: Avere catches up with Erryn, and Fi’s freedom is jeopardized when a group of mercenaries recognizes her. In Daros Chronicles 6: Avere gambles with Erryn’s life, and Fi and her followers decide their next move.

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