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    Good and evil! Five good aliens that got tricked by their one evil brother were contained in a mysterious lamp. They realized that their evil brother had nasty plans to take over planet Earth, thereby breaking their oath to their father. Jim, who thought his world was lost after the tragic death of his wife and boys, got given a second chance in life. These aliens needed somebody ruthless, compassionate, caring, but above all, not greedy. Jim, equipped and trained by these aliens, went off on his mission to stop the evil brother. The evil brother also got divided into three jars when a magician from their world found out that he had tricked his five good brothers. Two of Wodri’s three jars were reunited. Time was of the essence. Jim was torn between the lovely, innocent Layla and her mean brothers. Meet Spyker, Jim’s alien kwassi (slave). Comedy and tragedy, deceit and action—all are in here.

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