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Quartet OverviewThe Earth Woman Tree Woman Quartet is a near future fantasy with a progressive political bent, a diverse set of characters, and links to recordings of many original songs.Ninas Twei is the mystical place where all of Earth’s species dance and sing together to ensure the continuance of life on Earth – all, that is, except Homo sapiens. Greed and the lust for power has barred them from the dance.Giselle, an activist school teacher, finds herself called to a small rural community to join a group of people who, becoming their Tla Twein (mythical animals or gods), are able to travel to Ninas Twei.Gathering an increasingly diverse group of people from the city, the country, and the world, the Tla Twein engage in a life and death struggle to heal the rift in the natural order and defeat the forces of greed.Giselle, the Earth Woman Tree Woman, joins with the Wolfwind, and together they become all things – earth, air, and water; flora and fauna – a compassionate force for the well-being of the earth.Book Two SummaryThe gray cat sits on the porch watching the humans moving single-file down the hillside. The hunters and the deputy are taking Giselle and Yameno to jail.Giselle’s brother-in-law, a lawyer, manages to get her charges dropped contingent to her commitment to a mental institution in the city. At the institution, she meets SHEN CH’I, a volunteer whose daughter, AN LIEN, was once a patient. He arranges for Giselle to leave and teach at a homeless shelter for teenagers. The children introduce her to Ayoabia, who is the homeless singer who predicted that Giselle would “go and return” before she left for Arundel. Giselle learns that the teenagers at the shelter form unhealthy homogeneous gangs that sometimes just disappear.Eventually Yameno is released for insufficient evidence. He, with the help of sympathetic community members, tries again and again to return to Ninas Twei to save the children, but fails. They hope Dan and Hazel, having died as their Tla Twein, as cougar and hawk, are at Ninas Twei rescuing them.An Lien, who uses a wheelchair, is researching corporate malfeasance for ONE EARTH TOGETHER, an organization planning a worldwide demonstration, and discovers highly damaging secret connections between corporations and political groups. She and Giselle attend a meeting for an upcoming demonstration. Giselle finds she can become the Earth Woman Tree Woman and gather the attention of the squabbling factions to listen to An Lien. She is delighted to find a shadowy Wolfwind at her side. A man who is secretly filming the meeting is discovered, but he manages to escape jumping into a waiting car.KASIMER GODDARD, CEO of Goldstream Oil, is alarmed by the information gathered by the spy, arranging for An Lien to be kidnapped. His first attempt fails when Giselle becomes the Earth Woman Tree Woman. Her branches form a protective cage around An Lien and a shadowy Wolfwind nips at the kidnappers heels, chasing them back to their car.That night Giselle hides at the meeting place for the gang of white teenagers watching two older white men gather them in a circle, give them something to drink, and teach them a white supremacist slogan. Suddenly all of them, except the two men and a dog belonging to one of the teenagers, vanish! They just aren’t there. Giselle has a vision which she later realizes is as if she were the dog’s companion, trapped in a very small area with a voice screaming at him.Despite being warned by Giselle, the Latino gang goes to meet with the men who are their “recruiters”. They too disappear. Ayoabia and Giselle sing and spin a lament for the lost children of Bayomar.

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    • Formato:  ePub
    • Origem:  IMPORTADO
    • Editora: SMASHWORD
    • Coleção:  The Earth Woman Tree Woman Quartet
    • Assunto: Ficção Fantasiosa
    • Idioma: INGLÊS
    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033726538
    • ISBN:  9780997278521

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