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As if Olivia Merriman doesn’t have enough to do with her craft shop and finishing up the design work on Jasmine’s Cottages By The Sea, now her great-grandmother is lobbying hard for her to assume control over their coven. Why? Because they all think that she has super-powers. Olivia knows that’s crazy talk as she can’t even make the simplest of spells work these days. Still, her sisters are miffed, the coven is pushing her, and to top it all off, she’s got some crazy wizard after her. Could it be the same wizard that vanquished her mother years ago? While he’s dying to marry Olivia and take all of her powers from her, her boyfriend Jonathan isn’t sure a witch is the kind of girl he really wants to take home to mom and dad.She has no choice but to make things right with her family, straighten out things with Jonathan and find someone better to run the coven. Easy peasy Olivia thinks until the evil wizard kidnaps her and demands that she turn over all of her powers or he’ll destroy everyone she loves in new Moon Beach.Olivia is not just in a fight for her family, she’s struggling to maintain whatever it is that actually makes her a witch.

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