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Bess was born, for the first time, in Louisiana as the youngest daughter of slaves who were to be emancipated a few years later. She grew up to become an intelligent, adventurous young woman for whom freedom was everything but, of particular importance, was the freedom to choose what she did and didn’t believe in. So she made up her mind to reject, albeit good naturedly, most of the spiritual convictions of the people around her since, it seemed to her, not one of them could be supported by the scientific thinking she found so important in her exciting, new world. To her these philosophies, regardless of the culture that had given rise to them, amounted to nothing more than a collection of silly ideas. However, as a result of her fun-loving, and sometimes daringly amorous lifestyle, she ended up getting trapped in the ‘childish notions’ of other people. The results were hellish and there was no obvious way out. Doomed to keep reliving the same tragically human mistakes in unending and agonizing reincarnations, she finally stumbled on the opportunity to escape the cycle and find true freedom - freedom of the spirit. But had she learned her life’s strange lessons well enough in the past to be able to make good use of the chance, now that it had finally come, in the distant future?

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