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In the final entry in the Refuge Trilogy, Will and Carol return to Strongfield in a desperate attempt to find Eric before he is killed by Demetrius and the Coven. Demetrius has planned a ceremony marking the pagan winter solstice. On this, the longest night of the year, he’ll mark his bloody rise to power as the new coven master with an unholy blood-fest. Pledges will be turned into new vampires, and the evening’s events will end with the sacrifice of the rogue vampire. Will and Carol must rely on an old but powerful ally to help save their friend and destroy the Coven once and for all. But when they arrive in Strongfield, their search leads to one dead end after another. Will they be in time to save Eric? Or will the vampires be victorious in the final struggle between good and evil? Restored is the explosive conclusion of this powerful series, where the mysteries of faith and the powerful redemption of God’s grace and forgiveness are revealed. Don’t miss this bittersweet finale!

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