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The human race has been a resident of planet Earth for at least six millennia, some say even longer. Nevertheless, no matter how long the time, inventions of all types and miraculous medical progress have not cured the moral, ethical and psychological “demons” within us. Two extreme solutions exist: let everyone do what they want and be what they choose; then we can all live in peace. The second view is one that points to the need for a strict moral code. A third solution is moderate in nature and proposes a merger between the extremes. The big question remains, What could be the result of our inability to control the dark side of human nature? We hope for the best. But despite our greatest efforts, current events seem to be bringing us to a jagged precipice from which we may never return. The God of the Bible says He knows the answers to our predicament as well as the future of humanity, and has written them down for us in His Word. The future is bright, but to get there we must go through the worst seven years of human history ever recorded. Savage Seven Eve is a fictional account of coming events that lead up to, and through these horrible years. This futuristic thriller captivates the reader with the faulty but realistic actions of characters who will rise to the world stage and covers events that result from their actions that will occur in the not-to-distant future. This novel is a must read for anyone interested in the future of humankind as the clock of history winds down.

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