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Callum is a member of the Shadow class, the lowest social class in human society. His kin lead desperate lives, often dying young. Those who survive depend on the scraps left in the wake of an over-indulgent post-apocalyptic humanity, which clings to the remains of a broken metropolis. The Shadow class becomes an increasing concern as its numbers swell; a direct result of ineffective government policies that fail to address the problem. This ultimately prompts a desperate government to begin an unethical process of forced relocation, known as the Rout, ignored by an uncaring society looking to bury its problems. Abandoned by his parents, left to suffer a nomadic childhood in various children’s homes, followed by teen life surviving outdoors on the streets, Callum develops a resolute determination to endure the horrors life throws at him. He is a, survivor; able to think fast on his feet, yet his principles hasten his near death during a chance encounter with an enigmatic alien entity. Callum is given a choice; either take his chances with his now ruined body, or gamble on a new life.Awakened within the comatose body of a non-human female and faced with a distraught father, Callum is reborn as Rayna, in an entirely new world, presenting the opportunity to start a new life. This world also has a darker undercurrent, however, and it falls to The Blades, a militant order, to defend the people from those half-seen horrors born of shadow. Rayna is inducted into the ranks of The Blades as she tries to navigate through her strange new world, and master new and wonderful abilities, yet she finds herself fighting two battles; one against the repressed memories of her unfortunate past, and the other a war against fresh nightmares looking to claim dominance over her new world.Volume #1 of The Chronicles of Freylar

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