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Makayla O’Connor, Irish by birth but American through and through, jets off for an international vacation in Ireland after dumping her abusive husband. She desperately needs some down time to decompress from the many years of abuse she has suffered, and she can’t wait to reconnect with her Irish grandmother and grandfather.As a record company executive, Makayla also wants to track down a band called Celtic Wolf during her vacation. She heard Celtic Wolf’s demo CD and loved it, and she believes they have a future with her company. What she doesn’t expect is that finding and meeting the band means being swept up into a family of four hot-and-handsome Irish brothers who sing and play—and have a dark secret.It seems Ireland has packs of wolves. And not just any ordinary wolves, either, although Makayla does adopt an orphaned wolf pup she finds near her family’s cabin. These extraordinary wolves can take the form of humans—or rather, they are men and women who can shift into the forms of wolves at will. Some are called Protectors, because they were created by the Goddess Luna to protect humans in their time of need. Others have turned to evil, endangering the lives of young women like Makayla.When that time of desperate need comes for Makayla, and she cries out for help, she discovers a shocking truth about her own family, her Irish grandmother, and the four brothers who make up Celtic Wolf. That truth leads her into adventure, tragedy, and life-threatening danger as she finds out what it truly means to be a Celtic Wolf.

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