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The i... are a deeply ancient alien race that have drifted through a galaxy of stars for aeons. A phenomenally advanced culture which scientifically collect samples from every intelligent species which they discover, for closer study. On planet Earth, in late 1970`s Northern England is Arthur MacNeil. Unemployed, homeless and alcoholic, he unwillingly becomes one such sample. The story follows his life leading to his abduction and the strange “construct” in which he is consequently placed. Like any zoo, where a conscious effort is put into simulating the original environment of the captured specimen, Arthur finds himself in an dark and threatening world, where all periods of time and its associated peoples are represented. It is this disturbing copy of his familiar Tyneside, into which he is thrust without aid, instruction or a guide book. In this sinister town Arthur endures and survives, makes a friend and gradually acquires some local knowledge. Eventually he makes an inventive discovery enabling him to break through into another section of this enormous “zoo”, which is a cleaner and healthier place, but not without dangers of its own. As he explores this alternative Northumberland, Arthur seeks an understanding for his predicament.

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