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Welcome to Lowerth, a realm of strange magic and endless adventure conquered some decades ago by Eviscerex, the monstrous Lord of Nightmares. After defeating the gathered armies of men in an apocalyptic battle, he unleashed a plague of cruel abominations which haunt every shadow to this very day.Enter Stewart of Malachite — once the most average knight in the free kingdom of Hardeway, Stewart suddenly finds himself saddled with a load of unwanted responsibility. Given a series of mundane tasks by his king and accompanied by a squire who despises him, he’ll travel the world delivering justice and protecting the innocent... but he’ll damned well enjoy himself, whether the cold and brutal world likes it or not.Excerpt: “Halt, fiends!” Stewart shouted, his voice carrying over the din. His sword rang out twice as loud as he drew it from its scabbard. The five angry grundles turned at once to face him, their soot-colored skin rippling with stacks upon stacks of muscles. The leader—eight feet tall, with a yellow-orange mohawk, and covered in so much stoney armor that he looked to be half boulder—bared his blood-stained tusks and produced an idiot roar whose savage stupidity was exceeded only by its mindless fury. “You make a good point,” Stewart muttered. It was at this very moment he realized that: 1) he was much more drunk than he’d anticipated, 2) he didn’t have anything resembling a plan, 3) he’d been entirely too blasé about the whole armor situation, and 4) he was much more drunk than he’d anticipated. Putting those concerns out of mind, he raised his blade up with a surplus of swagger and pointed the tip at the distant hulking monsters. His steely blue eyes locked on his foe and he said, “I’m very drunk!” He hadn’t meant to say that. What did these people put in their ale? “And you know what? I’m going to slay you anyway...”What happens next? Download the full novella to find out!

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