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The king of the wizards: BeginningAt an unknown time, the world is divided into five regions and the wizards govern to them. Black wizards are at the middle region and their main enemies are white wizards, though they have many enemies. The black wizards are very powerful and ruthless and they create grim creatures for control the people. The black wizards are from generation a black, wild, cruel wizard and the white wizards are from generation a beautiful, kindly, powerful witch who is a woman. But they have an internal enemy called traitor survivors.In such conditions Alex lives in a village, while his family killed by a black wizard named Key Holder, when he was seven years old. Key Holder doesnt kill him, but he curses Alex for a special reason. Alexs imprecation is red dream that cause he sees real nightmare about his painful past. Alex lives just for revenge, but it is very much hard.But everything changes completely when Alex is twenty years old. He understands that he has an aunt who is a witch. She tries to rescue him surreptitious, but this work is not easy at all. She sends a girl named Flora, who is a witch for this mission. Flora gets help of the Liberty Group that are the white wizards soldiers, of course, with a cleverly plan, because nobody should know Alex.On the other hand, Alex is in love with Anahita who lives in the village but their love is clandestinely and Alex tries to dissuade her, because it is a big crime as Key Holder will kill her. But Alex becomes confused; when Flora tries to take his heart. To rescue Alex many people are killed, but murderer of his family could escape. Flora nullifies the imprecation by a traitor survivors and she takes him to a boarding school which the whit wizards study at there, but the name of an ordinary boy not a wizard.

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