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Prince is a humble school teacher who leads a simple life. But he is no ordinary man. His every action has a bearing on what happens in his country, Wonderland. So, when Wonderland goes through a terrible crisis on all fronts, the needle points to Prince. Can he do something to stem the slide? But how can Prince do anything when he doesn’t even know that he holds the key to the fortunes of Wonderland? Meanwhile, unknown to him again, Prince is being targeted by someone with vested interests using nefarious tactics. Enter Raymond, RK and a couple of intelligence officials who want to put an end to the anarchy plaguing Wonderland. Through Prince, they try to control the affairs of the government and its adversaries and establish order in the country. Will they succeed in their brave attempt before it is too late? Will Prince become a pawn in the whole game or can he come out of it unscathed?This novel will have you flipping pages at a breakneck speed to know how the thrilling plot unfolds and ends.

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