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The war between good and evil isnt fought by combatants standing in bright light and utter darkness. Its fought, instead, in the shadows, on a razors edge that cuts deep into the foes, causing the heart of each to strive more with itself than its enemy. Too often in fantasy the heros sacrifice saves the day. Thats seldom the case in reality. Some sacrifices cause destruction, and some selfish acts bring hope to a darkened world.To save his sister, a desperate knight murders his king and frees the demons from hell. While the demons ravage the country, the orphaned son of the high priest must team up with the dead kings cousin to defeat them. But the two heroes loathing for each other is only outstripped by their desire for power. While the priest falls to the demons embrace, the kings cousin struggles with the knowledge that the kingdom he risks his life to save will be ruled by someone else.

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