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After a bloody summer campaign, Lord Aidan Franklin wants only to live in peace on the land he fought so hard to win. Seeking to bring him back into the war, the rebellions leadership grants him an ancient title - The Peoples Champion. Using this newfound authority, he gives aid to an old enemy, hoping to transform him into the uprisings greatest ally.As the war unfolds, Aidan must find a way to unite the various factions that compose the uprising while staying true to the dream of a free world. He must spar with deadly new enemies, face down devious rivals, and fully step into his role as a figurehead of the resistance no matter the personal cost.The journey will be long and hazardous; the rebellion, despite its successes, teeters on a razors edge between the interests of Commons and Nobles, Merchants and Workers. Will Aidans world be consumed by the fire of the war he has ignited, or can he find a way to unite them all beneath one single banner and truly become The Peoples Champion?Book 2 of the Aidans War Trilogy

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