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Morg with Sherez find a sect of merfolk and within them sanction. She is still without Ethos, who disappeared while she and their daughter let the trapped plankton free. She is introduced to Nepulus, and in her excitement tells him that all their fears are no longer, but he doesnt share her enthusiasm and goes off mysteriously. Upon his return, Morg is told the truth of what she let loose, and agrees to do all she set things right.Chrythus is desperate to end his life. He is old, tired and longs to be with Amberline. The only way he can achieve this is to consume Aquithus magic, removing it from a young bearer, who come along once every hundred years. He had sworn to himself to protect the youngling of Morgella, keeping her from the clutches of the White Queen Theema, none of which matters now. He will have her magic, and be with his lost love.Theema will have her revenge. She was thrust into this world, and now seeks to destroy the family lines of those who cast her aside. She will do anything in her power to this end, anything.

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