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1 ... 2 ... 3. A simple progression of numbers which takes on a more sinister meaning when a single digit is the only clue left at the site of the murder of three innocent people. Initially the police are unable to establish a link between the victims as they desperately try to prevent the progression getting any bigger. They find themselves surprisingly calling on the assistance of Nathan Brinderling an ex-convict who has spent his young adult life in and out of jail, but is now determined to go straight. Maybe this time around he can manage it with help from Sheryll whom he meets on the first day of his latest release from Lincoln jail. This relationship gets off to a shaky start as he decides he needs just one last job to get enough money to pay his landlady. Will the police with Nathan's assistance be able to establish a link which will help them track down the killer and will Nathan find that new life he so desperately craves or will the killer manage to stay ahead of them?

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