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Follow Bangkok’s only sleuthing Buddhist monk Father Ananda as he solves the murder of a homeless boy, the gruesome and dubious suicide of a Buddhist nun and the ominous appearance of ghostly heads in the waters of Central Thailand. Mindfulness and Murder, Sister Suicide and Killer Karma, the first three books in the Father Ananda Mystery Series, now for the first time available in one cracking omnibus. Mindfulness and Murder When a homeless boy living at the youth shelter run by a Buddhist monastery turns up dead, the abbot recruits Father Ananda, a monk and former police officer, to find out why. He discovers that all is not well at this urban monastery in the heart of Bangkok. Together with his dogged assistant, an orphaned boy named Jak, Father Ananda uncovers a startling series of clues that eventually expose the motivation behind the crime and lead him to the murderers. "Mindfulness and Murder" is the first in the Father Ananda murder-mystery series. Sister Suicide A nun is torn apart by crocodiles in a Buddhist theme park. Is it a case of suicide or does a monastic community in the Thai provinces harbor a vicious killer? Father Ananda, Buddhist monk and reluctant detective is called from Bangkok to untangle an insidious web of vested interests, corruption and murder in the second episode of the Father Ananda mystery series. Killer Karma Father Ananda is sent to investigate the eerie sightings of ghostly heads bobbing in the waters off a small monastery along of the coast of central Thailand. He finds a community at war with itself over the destruction of its mangroves by fishing trawlers, a practice which is destroying the traditional livelihood of the fishermen. Are the ghostly heads a divine warning or a desperate plea for help? As Ananda struggles to understand what is happening, a fellow monk is murdered, and his own life is suddenly on the line. As always, Jak, the former temple boy, now a novice, accompanies Father Ananda on his intrepid investigations in this third episode of the Father Ananda mystery series.

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