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What would you do with fifty million dollars worth of negotiable bonds? Run ...! You've taken them from Ben Lucci and the syndicate and if they caught you there would only be one outcome. Steve, a petty criminal, inadvertently finds himself working for Ben Lucci, a man feared by even the most hardened criminals in the New York Bronx district. A traffic accident involving the car he is driving gives Steve no choice but to take the bonds being carried in the car and use them to put some distance between himself and Ben Lucci and start a new life elsewhere. His new life suits him. He has money, a beautiful fiancée, a lovely home and influence. He has loyal friends who would stand by him in case of trouble. There is though always the nagging doubt in his mind that all this could change if the syndicate were to realise he was still alive and spending their money. He must find a way to appease them and allow his new life to continue.

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