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Sizzling sexual energy, thunderous action, bare chested heroes, three dimensional characters, grandiose settings, sensual interludes, snarky dialogue. Wickedly funny and unabashedly smartass, Annie will rock your world. Wickedly funny and unabashedly smartass, Annie will rock your world. She has got a mouth on her. If the boys can say it by golly, so can she.“I very much like seeing how the characters, the stories and the author have evolved since the first book and am looking forward (as always) to the next one. Quite unlike any horse- or space-operas Ive read (and there have been many), this series may well be a new genre -- or at least a significant sub-genre.”Nostalgic and optimistically prophetic,This new and unique series is strongly recommended for fans of Craig Johnson, Joss Whedon, Michael Crichton, Larry McMurtry, Robert B. Parker, Dick & Felix Francis, Tony & Anne Hillerman, Louis L’Amour, Elizabeth Peters, and Janet Evanovich.Shots erupt. Annie is stuck in a crossfire. Cowpunchin’ turns to adventure. Good lookin’ men come out in force and laughter abounds, if only the dry gulchers would stop trying to kill them all.“[Following is the official review of "On the Rocks" by Barbara Neville.]On the Rocks is a...Western set in an intriguing... The greatest strength of this book is its narrator, Roxanne Rockefeller, a profane, feisty cowgirl. Neville has created a genuinely fresh and well-developed character in Roxanne, a young woman who rides out in her best riding finery, complete with guns, a knife… and grenades.Early in the book, when it seems that Roxanne is a bit too prone to swearing (take a guess at which cuss word is repeated as the first seven words of the book!), Roxanne gives a spirited defense of her filthy mouth, which both humorously justifies her style of talking, while adding depth to her character. I would have thoroughly enjoyed it if the novel were all about Roxanne rambling about the state of the world and her opinions on everything, but as it stands, On the Rocks launches into a page-turning adventure...There are numerous elements of this fictional universe that remind me of one of my all-time favorite television series, Firefly, and this book can be strongly recommended to fans of the Firefly/Serenity universe...Over the course of this book, Roxanne explores, and meets a variety of people with diverse backgrounds, but these characters are united by their shared genuine love for the cowboy lifestyle. The great joy of this book is watching these characters go about their travels, interact, converse, and reflect upon what they want from life."Roxanne Rockefeller is a straight shooter who kicks butt, admires tight jeans, and loves life. On the Rocks introduces her as a young cowhand working the last of the fall roundup on a new range, gathering cattle and enjoying the quiet country. Just as the job is about to wind down, things get maybe a bit too exciting.Annie and her equine companions trot us through a rollicking character driven western action adventure with an intriguing plot twist. Her story is for lovers of all things western and cowboy life in particular as she explores a vast and beautiful land.On the Rocks yearns for the time when an open grass savanna filled with wildlife like that of 19th century North America existed in all its glory.On the planet Rock, there is just such a savage place. A young prairie that is ripe for new pioneers. In the shadow of past mistakes, the protagonists hope for a future there with less people and more freedom.When Annie Talks To Horses arrives, she finds a place where she can fulfill her dreams of life on vast prairies filled with ruminant and predatory wildlife, and empty of government oversight. It is a place where the native peoples can regain the glory and self-sufficiency of centuries past on the backdrop of an awesome wild planet at its primitive finest.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001010087386
    • ISBN:  9781310670213

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