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2022 was declared the year that saw Bharat reclaim the crown as the Super Power. Two months later, they were working on how to save profile their identity and what they really stood for, as a country, in the virtual world.The world had changed. The future had become past. Imagination was short in supply. Spiritual power of a nation was more important than the economical super power status. The mystical alchemy of science and technology had won the favour of people to adopt technocracy as the way to lead the world. The virtual world, the ex-internet, had taken over 99 percent of the entire humanity.The gurus of one percent who lived near the temples, the yogis, the men who knew this world as Maya had unanimously had tweeted, “Real world itself is virtual, why have you created another virtual world of your own and have taken all the trouble of science and arts to do that? Now you are living like zombies. Good luck.”The United Nations had advised that all the countries should accept the virtual world as the real and let the real be alone to nature. The real world was being shut.Bharat, as India was called officially since 2021, still had a few of her men and women who had nothing to do with the Virtual World Alliance to maintain peace in the virtual world, but had everything to do with not letting them shut down the real world entirely.Also, their nation’s spiritual index was all time low.While the rest of the world, having learnt from India had managed to make the concept of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam, meaning universal family, a way of living, and a popular culture trait, the soul of spirituality still resided in India.Those were tough times. But nothing they couldn’t handle.They had a week to either get on to the virtual world as a complete country, or be banned from it for not following what they preach, despite being the new super power.As his mind was figuring out many things, he kept looking at the torn currency note as he heard its voice in his head and transcribed live to his blog for later editing.The device that looked like a marble kept on the currency note could make one hear the thoughts of an object, any object.It was in the testing mode. He had developed it. He called it Qua.Only a pre-configured consciousness of the owner of the Qua would activate it. It would seamlessly work like in a dream by transmitting the essence of the object it was kept close to. The individual light particles were read for the essence and then were reconstructed as interactive audio visual within the viewer’s mind, and were projected from the retina of his eyes. A projected reality, overlaying the visible reality, with no friction at all.They had made the first prototype only a few days ago. It was being tested. It was homemade. It would help them recover their virtue as the people from the land called Bharata Varsha, the nation that was once called, India.They thought, rest of the world had to takes them back, unconditionally. Because they had something, that wasn’t yet there.Qua, the quantum computer.So they thought. Until, the last currency note on earth had a tale to tell.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001047576464
    • ISBN:  9781310740213

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