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This ebook, containing Chapters 1-3 of Planet Single, is a preview of the full-length novel that will be published on 2 December, 2016. Planet Single is available for preorder from select retailers now, so reserve your copy today!Katerina is blasted off from the world of marriage and motherhood with no chance to gather any essentials for the strange new world she finds on Planet Single. A dating instruction manual could have been handy, and a thicker skin would have definitely helped with her new single life but, with no chance to prepare, Kat has to find her way around by trial and error.She embarks on a journey to rediscover herself and her lost libido, which was probably packed away in the cupboard under the stairs some time ago. Her travels introduce her to lots of other inhabitants of the crazy planet, including a tribe of young and sexy colleagues, a succession of dubious online dates and a handsome detective.New boyfriend Scott turns out to be a sociopathic conman with a criminal record, but is otherwise a lovely guy. Discovering the truth about him makes Kat wiser, poorer and much, much angrier. Determined to seek revenge, she teams up with two other victims - young mother Grace and elderly Myrtle - and they unite in a quest for justice.Kat learns a lot about herself and the mysterious nature of love, and realizes that while single life can be exhausting, chaotic and painful – at least it’s never dull. Even when her heart has been thumped around so much she’s not sure if it’s still in one piece, she never loses faith in love. Could Detective Jack be the one to pick up the pieces and put them back together?Planet Single is about looking for love the second time around. Through its endearing heroine Katerina and a troupe of other Planet Single inhabitants, this entertaining debut novel by Maggie McGuinness expresses the humour and the anguish we all experience over matters of the heart – and body – at every age.In Chapters 1-3:Katerina is blasted off to Planet Single when her uptight husband, Neville, confesses to an affair with his equally uptight soul mate ‘Corporal’ Christine. Supported by her eccentric mother and old flame Matt, Kat takes a few tentative first steps through the rocky landscape of her new life. She sets up a new home and returns to the workforce at a wholesaler called Stationery Plus, learning that part of her job is to deal with the company’s team of young and handsome sales reps. Who knew stationery could be so sexy? Does this mean her libido isn’t completely defunct after all?

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033536427
    • ISBN:  9781311592286

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