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This series has it all! A powerful alpha. A heroine you hate at first, but oh man, does she ever grow on you. A mafia side story. I Love, love, LOVE Enzio Salazar, and LUSTING solidifies why he's the best there ever will be. The side stories are truly magnificent! I do not know anyone who could weave a tale with so many characters and bring them all together like an elaborate puzzle. I am now waiting for the fifth and final book like a good little girl. Until then, I am going to try my best to spread the word of Dom 241.   Enzio is not only a Dom, but a CEO specializing in hostile takeovers, buying the controlling shares of the businesses of the men who raped his sister. It’s all part of Enzio’s master plan.   There’s a new girl at the Seattle Looking Glass, or is there? Her name is Trinity and she wears a mask at all times at the club. But whoever she is, she is known as the unbreakable Sub, and it appears that she’s also a switch! Enzio is obsessed with her, but he has no idea who she really is.   Proceed with Caution: The Masked Emotions series is a dark romance. It’s a love story with strong sexual themes, violence, Mafia loyalties, and alternative sexual relationships. Some readers may be offended. Others, however, will be aroused beyond their wildest imaginations!   Excerpt: Darla sat for nearly fifteen minutes, eagerly watching one man after another walk past the window. She held her breath when each of them entered the diner and looked directly at her, but none of them was him. She lowered her head, feeling stupid and humiliated, thinking that she had been pranked. Just then a plate of seasoned French fries covered with brown gravy and melted mozzarella was placed in front of her and she stared at it. “You should try it,” a male voice said. Darla slowly looked up. “My name is Marcus Smith.” It was a deep manly voice that caused her to shudder. He looked strong, so very strong. She instantly felt self-conscious. “As you can see in my resume, I have three years experience developing Subs. Darla let out a half smile. “I was trained by the best,” he boasted. “For three and a half years my teacher was none other than Dom 241. Darla didn’t know what to say. She thought she was just going to meet this man and then they would get started. That was what Duke had done to her for a long time. Darla then glanced over at her resume and felt embarrassed that she had brought her work resume. She was about to place her hand over the folder, but he took it, and she felt embarrassed. “This is a regular work resume.” He sounded a bit offended. Marcus leaned back as she began to tell him about her employer with the extreme S&M fetish. “Mr. Smith, please. I need to become better,” she begged, “I have money and…” Her eyes focused on the four sheets of paper he handed her. “Contract?” she asked. Marcus looked at her strangely. “Yes, a contract,” he replied. “Did your employer just start being your Dom without having you sign a contract?” Darla didn’t utter a word, and Marcus lowered his head, “Do you even want to do this?” Again nothing. Marcus took a deep breath and gently took her by her elbow. "Come with me," he commanded.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001052380179
    • ISBN:  9781618453976

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