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Forbidden loves and forbidden lands, three men search to bind to the ones who rule their hearts. Possibilities: Even a slave can make choices, and Neal chooses to make love to the man who opens his mind -- and his heart. Public Obedience: Bay thinks Court is the submissive he's been looking for, a lifetime keeper. Is Court up to the challenge? Oblivion: Hell is filthy. And cold. As soon as I fell, I found a demon waiting for me. My new Master. Who said going to Hell didn't have its rewards? Publisher's Note: The novellas in this box set, Possibilities, Public Obedience, and Oblivion, have been previously published as single titles. Praise for Public Obedience "Quick, kinky, a few anxious moments, but the best part is the end. The roles these two play in their public life contrast their sexual life, and a hint is in their nicknames for each other. A fun read for those with a D/s kink." -- GiGi, MM Good Books Reviews "The relationship between these two is such a loving and caring one. If I can see the scene in my mind without any trouble, that to me is a sign of a fantastic author. Grab the book and enjoy the story!" -- 5 Stars from Lindsey, DRC Promotions

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