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The Sisters Inn gave Eliza Thompson an escape from her past and a promising future as co-proprietor with her dear friend, Abigail Draper. Eliza and Abby, a widow with a half-breed son, combine their strengths to run the inn located on the outskirts of Denver in 1873. When it comes time to hire a father-son team of wayward handymen, Harold and Daniel Tanner, Eliza is hesitant, noting Daniel's undernourished appearance and odd demeanor. Within a few weeks of arriving at the inn, Daniel appears stronger and extremely handsome. His kindness and inexplicable attentiveness cause Eliza's heart to respond with a fearful, yet enjoyable flutter. For Daniel Tanner the freedom to do as he pleased with his pa by his side was all he wanted in life. Or, so he believed. That changed the moment he caught sight of Eliza. He'd never known a woman to take his breath away and stay locked inside his thoughts. Though attracted to one another, their pasts make Daniel and Eliza fearful of commitment. Both have their painful secrets that get in the way of gaining one another's trust. Worse, several pa-trons of the inn bring doubt to any thoughts the two have for a future together. Will following her heart's desire be at the cost of Abby's friendship and her beloved inn?

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