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Enchanted by a Liar... The infamous pirate Black Garrett learns his much loved brother had been murdered because of a flirtatious chit, the devastating loss consumes him and he swears revenge. Tracking down the brazen young wench, Garrett steals her aboard his grand ship, planning to ruin her reputation and use her brutally. Yet, he is greeted by an innocent beauty. Convinced it is a ruse, as he rudely kissed her lips and roughly felt her curves, as he relentlessly pleasured his captive, he was transformed, bewitched, brought to a magical shore... Hypnotized by the infamous outlaw... Bewildered and betrayed, sable haired Juliet Stoddard had no idea why the world's most terrifying outlaw had kidnapped her, promising a punishment worse than death. Although she had no experience with men, he seemed convinced she was someone she was not, and ignored her pleas for mercy. Then the blue eyed beauty felt his hands where no one had ever touched her before and she nearly swooned with fear... and something else, something large and powerful and previously unimaginable. Hating the rouge and herself even more, Juliet was powerless to escape his the sensual web he spun... Set on the grandest sailing ship on the seven seas, a ship populated by hardened, war weary men and a mystical panther as frightening as his master, Juliet is force to join on the secret mission to save England and realizes too late, Black Garrett's mysterious powers were about to save her as well...  

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