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Strange Nights in the Barrio is a first-person voice-driven narrative that follows Mike Uphouse, a wealthy hedonist, as he struggles with his many vices and his burning desire to find freedom.After making his fortune in a one-way bet against financial stability in 2008, he flees his native Indiana, with his manic wife and two young children in tow. Eventually landing in Uruguay, he dives headfirst into a culture that is not his own, with dreams of escape and a simpler life on a huge estancia. His marriage is far from happy or even functional, and his wife, Mary, has major reservations about their new home…with good reason.Mike is a man of many vices, and he seems to always be surrounded by a milieu of chaos and debauchery—largely of his own creation, though he rarely realizes it at the time. The first-person narration, combined with lots of fast-moving dialogue, puts the reader right in the middle of his wild times, which are soaked in any drug he can lay his hands on and replete with constant rutting with any woman he can convince to give in to his ceaseless desires for physical pleasure.As time goes on, Mike begins to see himself, and his life, as they really are, and he makes some hasty, drastic choices that leave this story with a fiery end. This work is a raucous, entertaining, and very human story that illustrates the weakness and desire that lives in us all.The setting ranges from Hong Kong to rural Uruguay, where Mike tries to homestead on a fifteen-hundred-hectare estancia, starting from scratch, along with a very strange English ex-mercenary who likes to be called “Rooster.” Both Rooster and his beautiful, Oxford-educated Argentine wife, Noelia, who is many years his junior, live in the fictional town of Eden and hold large amounts of land in the area.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001049131081
    • ISBN:  9781370684526

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