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43 Light St. had been the address for outstanding romantic suspense for more than a decade! Now Rebecca York blasts the hinges off the front door with a new trilogy…MINE TO KEEP. These men and women can face danger head-on, because there's no threat too great when you have the one you love by your side. HE WAS HER "HUSBAND" NOW… For Detective Cal Rollins it began as an assignment–a pretend marriage to a key witness in order to flush out a serial killer. But from the minute he moved into Beth Wagner's remote farmhouse, he knew this case, this woman would change his life forever. Though Beth led a solitary life, she was instantly drawn to her bodyguard by an almost mystical, irresistible force. How long could they live as "husband and wife" and resist the fire that burned between them? In the lengthening shadows of night, Beth could hardly tell fantasy from reality anymore. She knew only that to reveal the killer meant exposing her lifelong secret…and that to save her life, and others, she'd have to risk her heart.

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