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When Mary Lou sat waiting for her friends Betty and Ann Walker, they didnt arrive as they had promised. When she tried to phone the two friends there wasnt an answer. Later Mary Lou was told, her friends had been found dead. The coroner after examine the bodies, said that their hearts had been removed while they were still alive. When Mary Lou was taken by ambulance to be checked out, the ambulance was stopped, and Mary Lou was kidnapped. Her parents Jim and Fran Spencer had taken in ti a hotel, to help to find their daughter. The police chief told everyone around that the search had to start tomorrow. The following day, the chief wanted the search to cover a larger area. Why asked Jim Spencer, Mary Lous father. We know the ambulance was stopped here, and all tracks are pointing this way. Jim Spencer and some of the towns people followed him through the forest area. After a while they came to a building, and inside it was black curtains everywhere. They went through the building, and coming out the back, they found another building. Inside they found Mary Lou tied to a table. The police chief, the judge and the local priest were found guilty of kidnapping and put in jail. Somehow they with help from both inside and outside succeeded to escape. And only a short time later Mary Lou was kidnapped again. This time by the highest ranking member of the devils group, Jennifer Jackson, the priests wife was the cult leader and this time she was to give the devil what she had promised. Mary Lou told her that a girl was her best friend. and gave the name of a young girl that earlier had been a member. Now this girl was killed, at the same time FBI and the local police came and saved Mary Lou for the second time.

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