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In this collection you will find 10 short horror stories crossing many genres to give you a scare as you read late into the night..."The Bodies In the Well" takes you back to the Kamakura Period of Japan and introduces you to some early detective and CSI-type work when the bodies start piling up in a small village in the Kanagawa Prefecture.Meet a talented, albeit odd, baker in "A-B-C Delicious" where people line up to find out the flavors of the day - and are oddly drawn to the strange flavors.Not all vampires are made tall, thin, and sparkling. "Big Beautiful Bloodsucker" proves the bigger gals can run with the best of them ... even if they want to be super evil but are drawn into the good fight to keep humans and supernatural creatures cohabiting peacefully. Lots of laughs and horror elements.In "The Nags Head", something walks on the beach late at night, something Tessa cant quite see. She loves the ocean more than anything, but the strange noises on the beach make her wonder if her beloved sea is as safe as it seems.A mix of comedy and horror, things are awry at a nursing home, but the residents arent going to let these strange happenings ruin their nightly television viewing, or their lives. "Never Underestimate the Elderly!""Gozu" brings about a Japanese legend, one of a story no one is supposed to ever hear...or else deadly consequences must be paid.Five super-short tales for Halloween can be found in "Musty and Mouldy: Five Short Tales for Halloween".The world has ended and Raya must try to get along in his new reality. The people are gone, the animals are gone. "Only the Trees Remain".Veras husband died, but she swears she hears the old gate out in the garden opening - just like it did when her husband was alive. Vera looks out... "He Came Through the Gate".Mothers-In-Law dont often like their daughters-in-law, but one new wife is putting her foot down, and fighting evil, on the battleground of the "Dining Room War".

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