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Connor was a very smart, very creative young boy. He did not have any friends. He did not need them, he had his dolls. Acrobatic Basket the Clown was the ringleader in the best circus Connors young mind could easily imagine. Bear was Baskets right hand, often foiling the exploits of Dummy and his two henchman who were almost always the villains in Connors fantasties. And then there was Betsy. Betsy was beautiful, a hand me down from his mothers childhood, she stood almost as tall as Connor and was very elegant. Connor loved his dolls almost as much as he loved his parents.Andy and Martha never bothered Connor about his lack of friends as they knew he was a very bright, insular child. He was never unhappy, always cared for and most importantly, always loved.On one chilly fall day, Martha said goodbye to Connor as he left on the school bus and headed back towards the house as the last of the roses wilted and died in her garden. Martha was a good, trusting person, choosing to raise her family in a good neighborhood she had no idea she was being watched. Once inside there was a knock on the door and Martha answered. It would be the last call she ever answered.Coming home from school Connor found his mother. He was the first on the scene. And from that point on nothing would be the same.Andy moved on after some time and found a new woman to spend his time with. Younger than Martha, prettier, although Andy would never say that. He loved his wife and she would have wanted him to move on. Connor did not. Over time Andy started spending less and less time with his son, and started working more and more to keep this new young woman happy. Over the same time Connor grew more withdrawn, burying more and more resentment to this woman who slept in his beloved mothers bed, sat at her spot at the table and spent time with the man that she married.One day, something snapped in Connors young mind and he made a decision. This decision put him in a facility for those who made similar calculated decisions and that was where he remained.One night as Connor tried to close his eyes he was approached by a being, identifying himself only as "The Eye." Connor had just received some news from his doctors informing him of the death of his father in a tragic accident in a small town far from the city he grew up in. This being was here to inform Connor of the truth. That this was not an accident. His father had been attacked by small minded individuals and this led to his father death. The person involved in the attack was the nephew of the local sheriff who then tried to cover up the incident as a simple accident This being was here to make Connor an offer. One simple offer: Revenge."The Eye" would grant powers to Connors dolls. "Powers of animation he called it. Connors would be unleashed on this small town to show them what the word really meant.Under the care of young Doctor MacNamee and his mentor Doctor Crass, Connor waited for his chance to put a plan in action that would tear apart this small town that covered up the death of his father with a little help from his "family."Its hard to tell who the villain is in this story, Connor, or those that wronged him. If you listen to "The Eye" he will tell you Connor is the victim, and he is going to make sure Basket and his brothers and sisters make things right.

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