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International best-seller Dark Fantasy/Horror series: The Temptation Chronicles!Lucifers Son: Part 2, second book in The Temptation Chronicles now available. Sequel to award-winning best-seller, Lucifers Son, Part I, the second in the series, Lucifers Son: Part 2 begins another electrifying voyage into the macabre, as Sergey Mavrodi, author of runaway Russian international best seller, Lucifer’s Son, draws us once more into his web of chilling dark fantasy and horror as he delves into the cesspool of human emotions and dark desires,Favorably compared to such horror fiction giants such as Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Bram Stoker, Sergey Mavrodi has carved out his own niche in the field of terrifying horror and devilish dark fantasy and has created his best masterpiece to date in the captivating series, The Temptation Chronicles!Do you love dark fantasy and horror books that leave you gasping for breath? The Temptation Chronicles starring Lucifer and his son will scare you senseless and tap into your deepest fears. Read it alone, if you dare.Grab your copy of Mavrodis hot selling series now and just try to go to sleep.

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