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    Beautiful, privileged, wealthy, and a citizen of ancient Rome, the story of Veronika unfolds; from her innocence and arranged marriage to an ambitious Senator; her trials and tribulations in becoming a mother and at the same time a hostess to the elite of one of the world’s most powerful Empires. This all suddenly collapses under the rule of a depraved Emperor as she finds herself cast into the arena of gladiatorial combat to appease his insane quest for control, power and entertainment. It is here, where near death, she is rescued and turned by the Ancient Immortal Menkhaf to become a vampyr. Destined for greatness, she establishes an exclusively female coven on the erotic Greek Isle of Lesbos. It is through her coven that she meets Demetrios and Sara, and their lives become inextricably intertwined on a journey covering centuries taking them into the modern world of Haute Couture, passionate affairs, and dangerous adventures. All overshadowed by the dark cloud of Tycho the killer of vampyrs who stalks them, bent on annihilation and revenge. Join Veronika and a select few members of her coven as they share with you, their life stories.

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