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Looking back on one’s life can provide insights into why we are the people we’ve become. It can also shed light on buried things we’d forgotten for good reason.Killer, Golbert Cobblepot, mired in a tangled mesh of death and insanity, pries the lid off a moment of clarity and discovers the life he’d been trying to forget, was more terrifying than the one he’s living.Broken cop and perpetual loser, Percival Manners, rejected by the love of his life, spirals out of control. In an attempt to stay grounded, he reflects back on what made him the man he is and what brought him to the brink but finds himself pushed deeper into insanity by what he sees.Two men, polar opposites, exposed to the same trials, take different paths that will eventually collide in the middle with life destroying consequences. When reality finally confronts them, they both will seek salvation from an unlikely source.This is the book youll want to stop reading, but cant.

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